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How to Earn Money by Becoming a Full-time Writer

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Would you like to get your first clients and earn money by writing full-time?

Sometimes, the hardest part is the beginning. You may not know where to actually start. Self-help books seem too complicated. You may even feel there's just too much competition nowadays.

But once you get that first client, you begin to feel more confident. What has been a mere goal has now become a reality. You can earn money by doing what you love! And you can now plan how to grow in your career as a freelance writer.

Don't be stifled by your fears. Overcome them with the right information, PRACTICAL and QUICK information!

Let this book show you that it can be done.

Here's a brief outline of the practical things you can immediately learn from the book:

Why Freelance Writing May Be the Best Way for You To Earn Money

​ How Do You Find Your Niche as a Freelance Writer?

​ How Much Should You Be Paid as a Writer?

​ How Do You Prepare Your Best Portfolio as a Freelance Writer?

​ How To Create a Winning Writer Profile Even if You Have No Work Experience

​ Where Do You Find Clients as a Freelance Writer?

​ How to Write a Great Pitch for a Freelance Writing Job

33 Publications That Pay up to $500 for Article Submissions

​ 9 Things to Consider When Submitting to Websites That Pay for Your Articles

​ 6 Valuable Insights Writers Can Get From “Who Pays Writers?”

​ Where is the Free in Freelance?

​ Why There Will Never Be a Perfect Client

​ 6 Bedtime Routines That Can Help You Become a Better Writer

​ Do We Write Best When We Bleed?

Don't wait until your dream fades away.

Do what you can today and know that you are not alone in your journey.

I have already done it. And so can you!

Buy the book today.

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How to Earn Money by Becoming a Full-time Writer

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