Like Fireflies in the Rain

Jocelyn Soriano
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This is a collection of some of my most inspiring poems. I have written many of them when I needed to endure the most painful moments, times when I had been grateful for the smallest ray of light I could find.

I hope that like little fireflies that shine in the night, they also help you in your darkest hours. As you walk in the rain, all drenched and cold, may you find little sparks of hope to carry you through.

Just a Little Light

Just a little light to find my way
A little light before the day
Through that crooked path as I walk
Through that dark night so cold.

Let me have a little hope
Let me see some stars
And no matter how frightening
The wind may howl,
Somehow I'd know
You're never far.

I will look for that little light
A spark that flickers in the dark
It'll be enough to guide my path
It'll be enough to warm my heart.

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Like Fireflies in the Rain

2 ratings
I want this!