What Should You Look Forward To In Heaven?

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This book is a compilation of the significant things I have learned about heaven. It contains many quotes and excerpts from books as well as relevant Bible verses that give us an idea about what heaven could be like.

Why is it important to read these things about heaven?

In our spiritual walk, we can sometimes forget what we are looking forward to. As Christians, the life reserved for us is not only about carrying our crosses here on earth. It is a life filled with hope for that blessed day when we shall finally meet our Savior face-to-face!

We need to have a better vision of heaven to inspire us and to strengthen us. We have to know what the end of our earthly pilgrimage would be like.

Once I could write a longer book, I will give you an update. But this one is the starting point that can be very handy whenever you want to remember what we’re looking forward to in life.

Let us keep our gaze towards heaven!

Check out the contents:

Our Idea of Heaven

Fixing Our Gaze Upon Heaven

Our Thirst for Heaven

Are You Curious About the New Name God Will Give You In Heaven?

The Joys of Our Heavenly Home

  • Heaven is coming to your true home
  • A Glorious Resurrected Body
  • A State of Enhanced Understanding and Memory
  • A State of Utmost Happiness
  • A Joy Beyond Our Imagination
  • A Vision of God Himself
  • Infinite Happiness and Eternal Good
  • A Place Where We Will Recognize Each Other and Remember Our Loved Ones
  • A Real Place Where We Can Dwell
  • A Place of Incomparable and Eternal Beauty

Quotes About Heaven

Bible Verses About Heaven

Let Me Tell You When I Had a Glimpse of Heaven

All We Have Are Glimpses of Heaven

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What Should You Look Forward To In Heaven?

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